Middle School Model United Nations - Qatar

Conference Theme: 2019

MSMUN-Q theme every year is selected based on Sustainable Development Goals. The Theme of 2019 will be determined after the Executive team is selected in October 2018


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THIMUN Qatar is proud to announce the launch of its newest MUN conference: MSMUN-Q! This conference has been developed to meet the need of younger delegates in middle school. The inaugural conference was launched in April 2015, and will is now open as an international conference

The middle school conference will use THIMUN rules and procedures, and will hold to the THIMUN Foundation’s philosophy of developing student leadership through the planning, organizing and execution of the conference. MSMUN-Q hopes to give aspiring high school MUN leaders an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and deepen their MUN experience.



Sama Ayoub

Secretary General
Dear members of the Middle School MUN community, My name is Sama Ayoub, and it is my absolute honour as the Secretary-General to welcome you to the 5th annual Middle School Model United Nations, in Qatar. In a persistently changing society, MSMUN-Q has repeatedly proven itself to be the most advantageous and instrumental yet educational platform for the younger members of our communities to convey their perspectives on various socio-political subjects. In previous years, MSMUN-Q has empowered youth through discussions on world affairs and the process of generating solutions through the writing of resolutions which are then negotiated from the perspectives of member states. MSMUN has also played a vital role in allowing youth to acquire insights to global concerns through the incorporation of a specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). It is also through MSMUN-Q that delegates were able to hone and nurture their communication and cooperation skills through their interactions with a diverse group of participants. Due to MSMUNs notable influence on youth ever since its inception, MSMUN-Q V returns with brand-new peculiar features that are carefully designed in order to augment the experience of delegates beyond the grounds of committee rooms. Recognizing the importance of involving youth in developing solutions such as through resolutions as well as the significance of the Sustainable Development Goals towards the involvement of youth in giving back to our communities: MSMUN-Q V has made community mindedness an essential goal of the conference. MSMUN-Q V has followed in the footsteps of THIMUN-Q 2019; the only MUN conference to be closely collaborating with the United Nations on the implementation and involvement of the service projects that are Sustainable Development Goals. THIMUN-Q 2019 has promoted the engagement of youth in service projects through the launching of the Global Act with Impact Awards (G.A.I.A); a contest where participating teams compete against each other through producing and presenting service projects affiliated with indicators within the Sustainable Development Goals, in which students learn to deal with issues within their own communities and become part of the impact towards the betterment of the issues. Appropriately, MSMUN-Q V has worked to become a platform for global impact and change through merging resolution development, Sustainable Development Goals and service activities. Unlike every year, rather than highlighting one specific SDG as the conference’s theme, MSMUN-Q V now introduces SDG committees; where the conference will revolve around 12 committees; with each committee’s issues specifically focused on an individual Sustainable Development Goal and its multiple indicators. During the first day of the conference; delegates will research, collaborate and engage in negotiating various issues through developing then debating resolutions on the issues specifically pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goal theme of their committee. Priding ourselves in hosting and arranging one of the most prestigious middle school targeted conferences, we are wholly motivated in creating a well rounded experience for all of our participants. At the gist of MUN lies not only the unrelenting commitment of developing and creating solutions but also the implementation of change in our communities through the execution of service projects; similarly seen through MUN Impact. With the conference’s intentions of promoting community mindedness as well as give younger students the opportunity to become peace making and problem solving intellectuals; MSMUN is pleased to introduce service projects as the newest addition to the conference. On the second and last day of the conference, delegates will engage in service learning activities designed to take place either inside or outside of the QNCC in order to allow students to give back to the community and become the innovators of change to the greatest extent possible. Each committee room will be involved in a service project rooted from the committee’s Sustainable Development Goal and its indicators; in which the service projects aim to contribute towards the progression of achieving the SDG’s targets through hands on, educational experiences; ranging from beach cleanups all the way to skyping Rohingya refugees! Whether this may be your first MUN experience or just another conference you may be adding to your list of experiences; I hope that you will create long lasting memories and gain knowledge that will be your stepping stone of becoming the innovators and peace builders of the future. And remember; “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” Sincerely yours, Sama Ayoub Secretary General of MSMUN-Q 2019

Alanoud Al Thani

Deputy Secretary General
Welcome honourable chairs and esteemed delegates, My name is Alanoud Al Thani, and I am honoured to serve as Deputy Secretary General of this conference. MUN is a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge, build skills and develop your character – and this conference is the perfect place to start. While everyone’s experience with MUN unique, the one part in common with all people is that it is a great facilitator for growth. Through this year’s conference structure, we hope it will help you learn more about the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030. You will be able to gain experience in debating topics relevant to the world, learn your role in helping the world move towards sustainability and learn valuable knowledge. We urge you to take this unique opportunity, to engage and to give it your best. Sincerely, Alanoud Al Thani

Jenan Abdu

Deputy Secretary General
My name is Jenan Abdu and I am a deputy Secretary General for 2019’s MSMUN conference, and I am an eleventh grade student at Qatar Academy Doha. I choose to work within MUN to make an impact, because clean water and sanitation are fundamentals to have in your life and the world should focus much more heavily on ensuring everyone has access to them. I have always had an interest in the Peace and Justice as I aim to be a lawyer when I am older. Without strong institutions, we cannot work together effectively across nations in order to establish peace and ensure these institutions are truly bringing justice to their people. I expect all the middle school delegates will work tirelessly to generate extraordinary solutions through fruitful debate for these Sustainable Development Goals. They are vital contributors to a better world, as education is the beginning of advocacy for a more informed world!

Prkriti Tandon

Deputy Secretary General
Honourable chairs, fellow delegates and esteemed guests, My name is Prkriti Tandon and I will be serving as one of the Deputy Secretary General in this year’s Middle School Model United Nations Conference. MUN has played a major role in the building of my character, challenging me to go to greater heights, boosting my confidence and has helped me increase my knowledge of the world around me. At times it has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone but each conference has been an experience of a lifetime. This year, MSMUN V comes with changes that range from allowing student officers to be more independent to letting delegates lead in service projects based on their SDGs. This conference focuses on 12 of the SDGs and each committee will be focused on issues in their respective SDG. Towards the end of the conference, delegates will engage in service projects that work towards the issues discussed during the course of the two days. The variety of service projects aim to widen delegate’s awareness of the work done in MUN beyond debating on resolutions. It is to show delegates the parts they themselves can play in the world around them and allows them to make ties with others on both, a personal and diplomatic levels. I hope MSMUN V works to challenges you, regardless of the role you play, engages you in rigorous debates and exposes you to different perspectives. The same way it did for me. Kind Regards, Prkriti

Taraf Jaro

Deputy Secretary General
Welcome honorable chairs and esteemed delegates, My name is Taraf Jaro and I am honored to be serving as one of your Deputy Secretary Generals for the fifth annual MSMUN-Q. Three years ago I was a delegate at this conference unaware of the eye opening opportunities MUN would bring, yet my time in MUN has facilitated my growth in leadership skills and global awareness. While MUN means something different to each individual who partakes in it, I view it as a symbol of how far we’ve come in resolving the most prominent issues of our time as a result of our willingness to act upon these issues. Despite the expansiveness of globalization that has allowed us to learn more about our world than has been possible in the past, many believe that we can only truly impact our local society. MSMUNQ V aims to provide delegates with the opportunity to not just solely discuss the world’s most pressing issues of today, but also participate in service activities aimed at showing delegates a glimpse of turning resolutions into action across the world. One of the SDGs I am working with for this year’s conference is SDG 1, No poverty. The concept of poverty is applied to every aspect of the way the world works: financial and economic, political, medical, industrial, and many more. Addressing the issue of poverty requires improvements and solutions applied to every field of society, yet once resolved, our world’s problems will decline dramatically. SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing, is the other sustainable development goal I have the pleasure of working with. As an aspiring medical student, this goal is close to my heart. Access to medical care is a non-negotiable human right, yet a significant proportion of people don’t have access to more than the most basic healthcare and an issue of this magnitude results in the world’s leading causes of death. My goal in running this SDG is to show delegates that they can change the course of these statistics, and that any impact no matter how small has the ability to change people’s lives. Delegates, this is your opportunity for your voice to make an impact. Make the most of this conference by allowing it to broaden the limits of your potential. By participating in MSMUN-Q 2019 you will be the first to walk out the doors having left the world a better place than it was coming into the conference. Sincerely, Taraf Jaro

Yasmin Addam

Deputy Secretary General
Welcome honourable delegates, and esteemed guests, My name is Yasmin Addam, serving as the deputy Secretary General for MSMUNQ. As an executive for this conference, I hope to see that this conference will provide opportunities for growth and development of the delegates, just as I have developed throughout my MUN journey. With this being my 14th conference, I have come to learn that MUN provides each and every delegate a platform for learning and a platform for positive change. The challenges that I have been presented with in each conference has allowed me to learn and grow as a delegate and as a person, and I aspire to inflict this opportunity of self growth for the delegates of this conference as well. With a new conference structure set in place, this year’s MSMUNQ conference hopes to expand your knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable development goals, ranging from the SDG of gender inequality to the SDG of industrial innovation and infrastructure. You will gain perspectives on the different inequalities that distinguish women from men, ranging from child marriages to workforce discrimination. You will understand the struggles many nations face with industrial growth, urbanisation and other factors. As delegates, you must take this great opportunity presented to you to enable a platform of your own self growth. Establish a sense of confidence, expand your knowledge on global topics and indulge in the debate! Sincerely Yasmin Addam

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