July 16, 2016


THIMUN Qatar is proud to announce the launch of its newest MUN conference: MSMUN-Q! This conference has been developed to meet the need of younger delegates in middle school. The inaugural conference was launched in April 2015, and is now open for international registration.

MSMUNQ is scheduled for Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March 2020.

Fees for participation are QAR 350 per participant.

For new schools wishing to register, please send through a new school form to our office thimunqatar@qf.org.qa by December 15th 2019.

Returning schools will receive an email invite to submit FORM I on Oct 29, along with a QAR 1750 deposit to secure their schools position. This deposit is deductible from the final fees, and ensures that 5 participants will already be paid for.

The middle school conference will use THIMUN rules and procedures, and will hold to the THIMUN Foundation’s philosophy of developing student leadership through the planning, organizing and execution of the conference. MSMUN-Q hopes to give aspiring high school MUN leaders an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and deepen their MUN experience.

MSMUNQ is also proud to commit to service activities that support the learning in the debate room. From Debate to Action, MSMUNQ aims to inspire and educate for advocacy.