February 10, 2020

SDG 10 Chat Room

Welcome MSMUNQ delegates, student officers and teachers! if you have any query on the SDG 10 issues, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and our Student officer team will answer in the same thread!

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  • Hello delegates!

    I am Soraja Visca, and I am the Deputy President of SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities. This Sustainable Development Goal tackles one of the major issues our world is facing and has always faced – inequality. We’re talking about inequality across different sectors and affecting different groups; whether it be based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, disability, or something else. Inequalities are inherently wrong and harmful and the world needs solutions – including your solutions – to solve it.

    Our committee’s focus is on these 2 issues: Measures to provide access to primary education for refugees and Measures to reduce inequalities between rural and urban areas. My co-chair and I have worked on the first issue, on primary education for refugees, and we have a created a research report to help you, delegates, know the issue and work on it to help solve it (of course acting as your country’s representative.) With 25.9 million people being refugees now, and with half of that being children, universal access to primary education for refugees is extremely important (and difficult.) Refugees require education not only as a human right, but because it is necessary for them to have the tools to rebuild their lives and their countries and to have the power to change the situation they are faced with.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    Good luck delegates!


  • Hello!

    My name is Khadija Alizada and I will also be your Deputy President of SDG 10. As Soraja mentioned, if any of you have any questions, don’t hold back! Ask away!

    Good Luck!

  • Hello delegates,

    My name is Butool Abedi and I will be serving as your Head Chair for SDG 10. I hope that our committee will have fruitful debates and detailed resolutions for both the issues in the agenda. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them on this chat room and we will answer them ASAP. I look forward to meeting everyone in person during the conference.

    – Butool

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