March 17, 2022

MSMUNQ Enrichment Activities

Materials needed: Sunscreen, water and snacks will be provided. Participants must bring a sports kit and a hat for the sun. please ensure that all clothing is below the knee and cover the shoulders

Football for Leadership Training with Generation Amazing, the Supreme Committee for delivery and Legacy. Students in SDG 3 and SDG 10 will have the opportunity to participate in a training by experts at the supreme committee on how football can be used for leadership and development. We are also inviting youth from margin- alised communities in Qatar to participate in this leadership training, building connections and community service into this activity. This training program will take place in Al Egla field in Lusail, and they will be bussed out with THIMUN Qatar staff and volunteers.

We are honoured to welcome Nawaal Akram, a model, comedian and Youth disability rights activist, and founder of Equal Access Qatar to work with our young delegates. Nawaal will share a presentation on disability and accessibili- ty in education in Qatar to delegate, offering her unique insight and voice to the challenges that diabled people face in trying to access education. We will also be welcoming a Sign Language teacher, who will lead the committee in a program to learn some basic sign language skills. Finally, delegates will work in pairs to sign a text to each other, the three pairs that finish first to get a prize!

Materials needed: Sports Kit, please ensure that all clothing is below the knee and cover the shoulders We also recommend sports or comfortable shoes

We are honoured to welcome Professor Alyaa Al Maadeed, Lecturer in Social Work with the Doha Institute on Graduate Studies. Alyaa will share education with the committee on the connection between misogyny and gender inequality, and gender based violence in the MENA region and Qatar. Delegates will also have an exclusive sneak peek of her book on social work in Qatar. As a part of the service activity, students will work in groups to come up with ideas for achieving gender equality, and reducing such crimes in Qatar. Each group presents ideas to the group for a vote to the committee, with the best activity winning a prize!

Materials needed: Laptops will be provided, however we recommend that delegates also bring their own.

In this day and age, the challenge of Fast Fashion has created a sustainability crisis, which many community pro- grams have been addressing within Qatar! We are honoured to welcome Elizabeth from ecosouk, who will share education with the committees on sustainable businesses, with an eye to developing sustainable young entrepre- neurs. As part of the service activity, delegates will be challenged to come up with their own sustainable business pitch, with the best pitch being awarded a prize!