July 16, 2016

Country Assignments: MSMUN-Q 2018

Delegation Delegation kind Assigned school
Afghanistan ECOSOC Newton British Academy
Australia ECOSOC DPS Modern Indian School
Bangladesh ECOSOC Doha College
Bolivia Security Council/ECOSOC Mesaieed Int School
Brazil ECOSOC American Embassy Middle School
Canada Standard Delegation English Modern School of Doha
Chile ECOSOC DPS Modern Indian School
China Security Council/ECOSOC Salam Centre for Peace
Egypt Security Council Birla Public School
Ethiopia Security Council/ECOSOC QSI International School of Yerevan
Finland ECOSOC DPS Modern Indian School
France Security Council/ECOSOC Qatar Academy Middle School
Georgia ECOSOC SEK Qatar
Germany ECOSOC Doha Home Educators
Greece ECOSOC Mesaieed Int School
Guatemala ECOSOC Newton British Academy
India ECOSOC Birla Public School
Iran Standard Delegation Stafford Sri Lankan School
Iraq ECOSOC Newton British Academy
Italy Security Council Al Khor Int School
Japan Security Council/ECOSOC Newton British Academy
Kazakhstan Security Council Al Jazeera Academy
Kenya Standard Delegation Qatar Academy Middle School
Mexico Standard Delegation Junior and Senior School Cyprus
Netherlands Standard Delegation Qatar Academy Al Khor
Norway Standard Delegation American School of Doha – Middle School
Pakistan ECOSOC Mesaieed Int School
Peru ECOSOC Qatar Academy Middle School
Portugal ECOSOC Global Leader Education
Rep. of Korea (South) ECOSOC English Modern School of Doha
Russian Federation Security Council/ECOSOC American Embassy Middle School
Senegal Security Council Qatar Academy Al Wakra
South Africa ECOSOC DPS Modern Indian School
Spain Standard Delegation Al Jazeera Academy
Sweden Security Council/ECOSOC Doha College
Ukraine Security Council Global Leader Education
United Kingdom Security Council/ECOSOC Newton International Academy
United States of America Security Council/ECOSOC DPS Modern Indian School
Uruguay Security Council American School of Doha – Middle School