November 27, 2016

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How to prepare for MSMUNQ in 5 steps!

Delegates! you will be working with all the other delegates in your committee to solve the issues on the agenda in your committee. What do you need to bring to the conference? You will need to bring 2 policy statements to the conference, and an opening speech for your delegation. 

Step 1: Country Research

You will need to prepare yourself by doing some research on the country you have selected to represent. This booklet will guide you along your way! 1. Country Research

Step 2: What-Who-When-How

Watch the videos that introduce to you the problem you will be solving, and read BOTH the research reports on the issues on your agenda

Use this guide to help you understand What- Who-When-How.    2. Dissecting the Research Report

What is the problem?  What are the root causes of this problem? What has been done so far to solve this problem by the UN and other organisations?

Who is most affected by this problem? Who are the major organisations and nations that have been involved?

When did this problem start? 

How can we solve this problem now? 


Step 3: The Policy Statements (mandatory)

This is where you write down your nations ideas for solving this global issue. Use this handy guide to help you write it! 3. Policy Statement or Position Paper

Step 4: The Draft Resolution

In Model UN, just like the real UN, we present our problem and solutions in a the form of a resolution

During the conference, you will use your policy statements to put together your  draft resolutions, ready to debate them in the room and persuade all the other delegates to vote for your solutions! This document also uses special language like clauses, preambulatory clauses and operative clauses to help you structure your ideas. Use this handy guide to help you make your draft resolutions! 4. The draft Resolution

Step 5: The Opening Speech (mandatory)

This is your final step! The opening speech is your opportunity to make your best first impression at the start of the conference. Here you introduce your country, share your overall ideas of how to solve each issue on the agenda, and passionately call for other delegations that agree with you to come together to write a draft resolution with you. Use this guide to help you put together your speech. 5. Speeches, points and motions in MUN


Well done! You’re ready to participate in MSMUNQ!

If you have any questions on any of these steps, please go to the chat rooms and chat with your Student officers to ask them for help!




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THIMUN Preparation and Practice Series

This 11 part series has been adapted from Uniting the Nations through Model United Nations (Williams and Stein), the most comprehensive handbook ever developed for THIMUN conference preparation. A big thank you to David Williams, Founder of the THIMUN Foundation, for permission to share his material in a new and updated format










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