July 16, 2016

Issues on the Agenda: 2017

The theme of this year’s MSMUN-Q is “Combating Inequality”

GA1 (Disarmament and International Security)

  • Measures to eliminate the use of child soldiers (Report)
  • Creating job opportunities for demobilized military personnel (Report)

GA2 (Economic and Financial)

  • Strengthening economies through green energy technologies (Report)
  • Promoting tourism to promote sustainable economic growth (Report)

GA3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  • Protecting the rights of asylum seekers in Europe (Report)
  • Measures to protect threatened world heritage sites during armed conflict (Report)

GA6 (Legal)

  • Addressing the legality of unarmed drones in warfare (Report)
  • Protecting citizens right to cyber-privacy (Report)

Human Rights Commission (HRC 1)

  • Protecting the rights of vulnerable minorities (Report)
  • The elimination of underage marriage (Report)

Human Rights Commission (HRC 2)

  • Measures to protect press freedom (Report)
  • Measures to protect the rights of older people (Report)

Disarmament Commission (DC)

  • Measures to prevent the recruitment of underage persons by international terrorist groups (Report)
  • Combating the use of biological weapons (Report)

Environment Commission (EC)

  • Combating plastic pollution in oceans and waterways (Report)
  • Ensuring access to clean water for all (Report)

Special Committee on Inequality 1  (SCI 1)

  • Developing job programs for the disabled (Report)
  • Establishing the right to education for all children (Report)

Special Committee on Inequality 2 (SCI 2)

  • Eradicating the worst forms of child labor in LEDC’s (Report)
  • Measures to ensure equal job opportunities for women (Report)


  • Promoting education for girls in LICUS countries (Report)
  • The question of resettling refugees into their host societies (Report)

Security Council

  • The question of Yemen (Report)
  • The issue of cyber terrorism and espionage (Report)