July 19, 2016

MSMUN-Q 2017

msmunlogo_17          Countdown to Participation

October 16                       MSMUN-Q Administrative Guide Available. Click here to download.

November 1                     Registration/Form I Opens, Student officer forms available

December 7                     Last day for Student Officer applications

January  13                      Form I due

March 3                            Form II due

May 5-6                            Two day international conference

The conference, open to students grade 6-8/ year 7-9 (ages 11-13). Students who have participate in THIMUN Qatar in 2917 will not be eligible to participate in MSMUN-Q. The conference will be open to a limited number of international schools.

For more information, please contact Lisa Martin, Head of THIMUN Qatar, at lmartin@qf.org.qa