February 18, 2019

SDG 13 Chat room

Welcome MSMUNQ delegates, student officers and teachers! if you have any query on the SDG 13 issues, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and our Student officer team will answer in the same thread!

2 thoughts on “SDG 13 Chat room

  • Greetings Delegates!!!
    Hope you all are doing well. I am Saumya and I’m your deputy chair for SDG 13. I have worked on the ‘The issue of human impact on greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere’. You can find the research reports by clicking on the “Issues on the agenda 2020” in the conference dropdown.
    If you have any doubts with regards to how to make the resolution, how the debating procedures work, or on any of the issues, please feel free to drop your questions here and we’ll gladly reply.
    Best of luck for the conference and looking forward to seeing you all there!!

  • Hey guys! My name is Mira and I’m going to be the head chair of this committee. If you have any questions about the conference we encourage you to ask us on this page. Looking forward to working with you soon!!

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