February 18, 2019

SDG 4 Chat room

Welcome MSMUNQ delegates, student officers and teachers! if you have any query on the SDG 4 issues, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and our Student officer team will answer in the same thread!

5 thoughts on “SDG 4 Chat room

  • Hi! My name is Anushka Jain and I am the deputy chair for SDG 4. I have made the video on the topic gender disparities in secondary education. This topic highlights the problems faced by girls in order to get equal rights to education. Girls in many parts of the world are denied education. They also get exploited due to lack of education, thus education can help them make wiser decisions in life and stand up for themselves. Even if parents have no problem in sending their girls to school several other factors discourage them from doing so. Hence, I encourage you to watch the videos and read the research reports on not only the topic mentioned above but other topics also. If you have any doubts regarding the topic or content then please feel free to ask questions. Don’t keep your doubts to yourself but rather clear them in order to come up with good solutions. Good luck with your preparation!!

  • Hello Delegates,
    I am Sarthak Modi and I study in DPS-MIS. I will be the President of SDG 4 for MSMUN 2019. Feel free to ask me anything about the conference or the issues that are going to be discussed at the conference. I will try my best to assist you. Moreover, this time we have done the research reports a bit differently. We have made the introduction and the background info in the form of a video, hope you enjoy it. We will be uploading the videos and the research reports on this website very soon. Kindly go through them to get a better understanding of the issues. Don’t hesitate at all to ask any doubts regarding the format, structure of MUN or the issues to be discussed.
    All the best!!

  • Greetings Delegates,
    Hi ! My name is Fatima and I study in Qatar Academy Alkhor , Representing the Ambassodor of Turkey in MSMUN 2019 . I have a question so the confrence will be basically just Explaining the Points of my country and SDG4 , right ? What are the main topics that we will adress to fellow delegates ?
    Thank you

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