July 16, 2016

Leadership 2017

The Student Executive team is a collaborative leadership team involving several schools in Doha. Together these students are tasked with organizing and overseeing the MSMUN-Q conference in May 2017. 


Malak Riad: Deputy Secretary General, English Modern School Doha

Since the beginning of her Model UN journey, Malak has come to discover that debating pressing issues of today was something that she admired and excelled at. In a short year, she has managed to chair and attend a variety of conferences here in Doha. As a result of her dedication and hard work, she was appointed as her school’s MUN President. She looks forward to this year’s MSMUN-Q, as it will hopefully be a memorable experience for everyone involved.



Zoe Martin-Parkinson: Deputy Secretary General, American School of Doha

Zoe Martin-Parkinson is an 11th grade student who started MUN in 7th grade and has participated as a delegate, a student officer, and now as a deputy secretary general. Zoe is an active member in her school’s MUN club in the high school and also helped ASD’s Middle School MUN club get started. Zoe has chaired during the second MSMUN-Q conference and will be chairing at this year’s THIMUN Qatar 2017. She was also one of the original students to participate in the jrOMUN program. When not participating in MUN you can find Zoe drawing or catching up on her favorite shows! She looks forward to welcoming all new schools to this year’s middle school conference.


Sanskriti Tandon: Deputy Secretary General, Qatar Academy Doha

Sanskriti Tandon is currently a grade 11 student at Qatar Academy who has been a very active member of the MUN family. Her passion and proficiency towards leadership drove her to this position today. However the key element which fueled her enthusiasm for this program was the diversity of opinions and the open mindedness shown by delegates throughout the various conferences she has attended. In addition to this, her own journey through MUN has been a ladder of success which resulted in her chairing at a number of OMUN conferences and THIMUN Qatar as well as being the Deputy Secretary General at the most recent Qatar Leadership Conference. Furthermore, her involvement in the Sri Lankan Initiative and the High School Edmodo Initiative has led her to personally discover the magnitude at which MUN impacts societies. She believes that each conference is a stepping stone not only towards achieving something greater in your MUN career but also towards becoming a well rounded member of the global community.

Deputy Secretary General:  Ghanim Al Shaabi

Ghanim Al Shaabi attends Awsaj Academy in Doha. He joined MUN in eighth grade and was convinced that Model United Nations would change his life. Looking back now, he knows it did actually change his life. When he went to Russia he was the Ambassador of Cyprus and had to speak in front of more than 500 people in the Russian Parliament Building. He continues to challenge myself with each conference, and so far has attended Doha College, THIMUN Qatar, St. Andrews MUN in Ireland and Georgetown MUN. He enjoys THIMUN Qatar the most, as it feels like a second home.  He looks forward to continuing to challenging himself in MUN and hope to oneday use these skills at a university in America.     

 Committee Name  School
Head Chair Layan Sulaiman Qatar Academy
Deputy Chair Fizza Zaidi Newton British Academy
Deputy Chair Suma Kedan Salam Centre for Peace
Head Chair Talin Jouzi Park House
Deputy Chair Alaa Judia Qatar Academy
Deputy Chair Harilaos Papas American School of Doha
Head Chair Juntae Park Qatar Academy
Deputy Chair Shennon Sequeira Park House
Deputy Chair Aryan Singh DPS-MIS
Head Chair Abdelhamid Warag English Modern School
Deputy Chair Hannah Kollen America School of Doha
Deputy Chair Abrar Yusuf Park House
Head Chair Eisha te Razia Mesaieed International School
Deputy Chair Hamsaa Kaarthik DPS-MIS
Deputy Chair Omayma Cherkaoui Newton International School
Head Chair Malak Talaat Park House
Deputy Chair Michael Meiring Doha Home Educators
Deputy Chair Abdulla Al Qahtani Qatar Academy
Head Chair Elsa Philip Delhi Public School
Deputy Chair Taraf Jaro American School of Doha
Deputy Chair Eyad Ali American School of Doha
Head Chair Shubhra Bedi DPS-MIS
Deputy Chair Prkriti Tandon Qatar Academy
Deputy Chair

Hayfa’a Al Thani

Al Jazeera Academy
Head Chair Uman Hussain Mesaieed International School
Deputy Chair Halla Elhawad American School of Doha
Deputy Chair

Aryan Jithin

Al Jazeera Academy
Security Council
Head Chair Aya Afifi English Modern School
Deputy Chair Humna Shahzad Mesaieed International School
Deputy Chair Lianne Soufani Newton International Sschool
Special Com I
Head Chair Sufyan Khan Awsaj Academy
Deputy Chair Reem Gawish Laurel Springs Online School
Deputy Chair

Reem Al Sayed

Al Jazeera Academy
Special Com 2
Head Chair Areej Al Kaabi Awsaj Academy
Deputy Chair Soha Hassaballa Park House
Deputy Chair  Ali Al Malawi  Qatar Academy


Head of Secretariat: 

Head of Admin: 

Head of Press: