July 16, 2016

Leadership 2018

Leadership Team Middle School MUN Qatar 2018


Mikail Cheema

My name is Mikail Cheema and I am a grade 11 student at Qatar Academy. I have been part of Model United Nations since grade 8 and have continued throughout the years and risen through the ranks. I am currently the President of the Qatar Academy MUN club, and will be serving as your Secretary General for Middle School MUN. I have been to several conferences, both locally and internationally, as a chair, delegate and executive.


Bin Choi

My name is Bin Choi and I am a junior attending the American School of Doha. I first began MUN when I was in the 7th grade and continued until this very moment, participating in numerous conferences including three THIMUN Qatar. I am very honored and thrilled to serve as the Deputy Secretary-General of MSMUN-Q 2018.


Hasitha Senevirathne

My name is Hasitha Senevirathne and I am a student at Mesaieed International School. I am president of the Junior MIS Model United Nations Executive Team 2016 and have been a member of the MIS Debate Club for 4 years. I have attended several conferences including DESMUN 16. In terms of my debate experience, I have participated in a number of inter-school tournaments including the QSDL competitions over the years.


Rena Ghani

Hi, my name is Rena Ghani, a student at Doha College, and I am delighted to be serving as part of the Executive Team for MSMUN-Q 2018. MUN has been an enormous part of my life since first joining in Year 9, attending nearly 15 conferences in total. MUN has fuelled my passion for learning about world affairs and has offered brilliant opportunities to meet other students to discuss and debate these issues, allowing us to widen our knowledge even further. Not to mention, it has also allowed my confidence to grow and flourish ; certainly a huge difference from starting as a reserved Year 9 student.

Areej Al Kaabi

My name is Areej Al Kaabi, and I am a active member of Model United Nations and attend Awsaj Academy. MUN is part of my life, in which I had started in grade eight. Through my years and time in MUN I have been able to reach a position to help teach MUN to students in my school. I have been many positions in Model United Nations and through my experience have been able to spread my knowledge to others.


Seo-Hee Hong

Hello, my name is Seo-Hee Hong and I am a Year 12 student at Park House English School. I am currently the Secretary-General of PHESMUN and Deputy President of the General Assembly of THIMUN Qatar 2018. My MUN journey has been running for 4 years now; I evolved from attending an internal conference at my school, to attending over 10 external conferences as both a chair and a student officer, including THIMUN Qatar and the Qatar Leadership Conference. Through the culmination of my experiences in Model United Nations, I believe that MUN is a way for the youth, regardless of their nationality and background, to make a difference in the world and secure the future of our generation with perseverance and dedication.

Maryam Al Muhannadi

My name is Maryam Al Muhannadi, I’m currently in 11th grade studying in Qatar Academy Doha. I started my MUN experience at the beginning of 9th grade, and have attended multiple local and some international conferences. Currently, I’m involved in my school’s MUN Club as Deputy President, and am looking forward to being Deputy Secretary General in this years MSMUN.

Name Committee Position School
Juntae Park GA1 Head Chair Qatar Academy
Taraf Jaro GA1 Deputy Chair American School of Doha
Naoureldin Ali GA1 Deputy Chair Doha College
Rohan Gupta GA2 Head Chair Doha College
Amr Ahmed GA2 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy
Maya Stafrace GA2 Deputy Chair Doha College
Prkriti Tandon GA3 Head Chair Qatar Academy
Nourhan El Morshedy GA3 Deputy Chair Al Jazeera Academy
Sven Nash GA3 Deputy Chair American School of Doha
Abrar Yusuf GA6 Head Chair Park House English School
Jenan Abdu GA6 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Naomi Yengkhom Hojai GA6 Deputy Chair DPS – Modern Indian School
Ahmad Al Naimi SC Head Chair Qatar Academy
Sarthak Modi SC Deputy Chair DPS – Modern Indian School
Kalana Senevirthane SC Deputy Chair Mesaieed International School
Saif Al Saadi EC Head Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Roha Khorasani EC Deputy Chair Doha College
Rashid Al Naimi EC Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Buthaina Al-Mana SPC1 Head Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Irene Yang SPC1 Deputy Chair Park House English School
Hend Mansi SPC1 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Soha Hassaballa SPC2 Head Chair Park House English School
Sama Ayoub SPC2 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Farah Sarhan SPC2 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Hannah Kollen DC Head Chair American School of Doha
Saif Al Suwaidi DC Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha
Nour Darwish DC Deputy Chair Mesaieed International School
Adrika Iyer ECOSOC Head Chair Parkhouse English School
Thara Premanand ECOSOC Deputy Chair DPS-Modern Indian School
Yasmin Addam ECOSOC Deputy Chair Qatar Academy
Halla Elkhwad HRC1 Head Chair American School of Doha
Maytham Hajji HRC1 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy
Reem Gawish HRC1 Deputy Chair Doha Home Educator
Eyad Ali HRC2 Head Chair American School of Doha
Karine Alghamrawy HRC2 Deputy Chair Newton International School
Janna Boraei HRC2 Deputy Chair Qatar Academy Doha